Sunday, 31 March 2013

The History of the Last Couple of Days (or seriously, I'm getting!)

Hi guys,

I know I promised (without making any promises) that there's be a History of Talbadas update.

Been a busy Easter Long Weekend here in Australia (family commitments, organising a manuscript swap-over, checking in on LinkedIn [note to self, LINK OUT once in a while!]), I'm back on the FSJ bandwagon tomorrow (Easter Monday), and I'm going to try and pump out the next history installment as well tomorrow.

Don't worry, for lack of entries here I'm going to make up for that loss with Koren Dietrich, Talbadas' first king, and the many other great things to come in Talbadas' vibrant history.

Thanks for your understanding (OK, I know its only my loss not writing my own history to my own country I made up for the specific purpose of starting a war), looking forward to indulging the History and jumping back on the Hero of Talbadas bandwagon - OCTOBER RELEASE INTENDED!

T. M. Shannon

Tuesday Update: still busy proofing, reproofing and re-reproofing.  Giving up this weeks intention to post to the History.  Soon, I swear (don't make me do an Armage blood-oath I beg you!)

Thanks again for understanding!

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