Introduction from the King

HRH King Ulrich Daniel
Heroes' Day, 2001

   As you know, our Kingdom has stood the test of time, not the least thanks to its public service, but also thanks to the bravery of our heroes.  We never forget those whose deeds give us a beacon of hope, even in the smallest of ways; without them, we would have no role models today, and nobody to emulate tomorrow.

    However, there is one hero in particular, who I find epitomises the Talbadan spirit, for standing against not only the adversity of his enemies, but also the adversity of his allies as well, and overcoming both in the end.  As Talbadans, we know who he is; as is tradition on Heroes' Day, his name is spoken last.

    If you are Talbadan, a visitor to our lands, or joining us from online, please indulge yourself with our vivid history.  It is certainly a pleasure of mine.

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