Friday, 19 April 2013

History Update

   Hi guys,

   Well, it's been a long time coming (and holding back my work on The Hero of Talbadas, Volume Two), but I've updated the History of the Talbadas.

   With this Part 2 update, the Interim is in full swing.  The Migrations are reshaping the Videan culture, but the Cistinian rise in Ghomal, and the early Church conquest of Sapia sees the south-western Sapic Caelts taking the unified banner of Haernism.

   Future updates will be made as I get around to them, especially with my focus on Hero of Talbadas.  I'll post progress as I go.  Until then, please enjoy this episode of Talbadas' vibrant history, and hope to see you soon at my VBT stops - you can find all the details here at

   T. M. Shannon

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My heartfelt apologies

I've been slack, I know, I'm really sorry.  There's a lot in mind at the moment and I've been distracted, but at least it's TSH related (my VBT due soon!)

The History will be back up and running soon, along with my work on Volume 2 of the Hero of Talbadas.

I owe it to myself more than anything, but it's all good, and as we say here in Oz, "She'll be right, mate."

Look forward to updating soon!