Foreward - Our Mountain Kingdom

S. Janus and H. Gorinsdar
Heroes' Day, 2001

    This Kingdom of ours was born in a way unique amongst the countries of the world, especially as it was build upon the multicultural and mercurial ideals often spruiked - and grossly forgotten - by the Old Empire.  Moreover, it was facilitated by a very criminal method indeed: theft by deception.

    There is a world of difference between the legendary tall tales of old and the truth of history, for all intensive purposes, Talbadas was "stolen" from the Videan Peninsula, a heist so daring and impressive that it was met with initial disbelief, then heavy-handed retaliation by those powers "wronged" by the loss of lucrative mines, the most fertile soil, water supply from the kingdom's freshest mountain springs, and the Treasury of Mont Hilida (Monte-Hilde), held by Migrant hands since the populist suffrage of 445.

    A lot more comes into play, from the Migrations and the Soithic Pledge, to the Joining of State that heralded the rise of the Empirical Remnant, and the consequent Middings rebellion.  But without this history, there would be no Korenic dynasty rising to prominence in the Middings, the vendetta enacted by the Remnant, and the surviving son, Koren Dietrich, pledging himself to the Southern cause with a figurative wink in his eye.

    It is well known that Dietrich planned for the people of the Middings to flee into the Tualbids, where they had welcomed by the republican citizens who had voted and fought for their rights, all hastily arming themselves for an apparent invasion from the Remnant.  Indeed, when Koren Dietrich arrived with ten thousand of the best-trained Remnant soldiers he could muster, surely doubt must have crept into their minds.  However, when Dietrich and his eventual successor, Broll Joland, met in the parlay to share wine, the Tualbid people knew that their hope had been well placed.

    So it is in the spirit of Thir, most brash but honest of our Gods, that the Tualbid Kingdom was born.  And so it is, sixteen centuries later, and through changes from a rebellious republic that became a kingdom, to a kingdom that became a constitutional monarchy, that our kingdom still stands.

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