Friday, 19 April 2013

History Update

   Hi guys,

   Well, it's been a long time coming (and holding back my work on The Hero of Talbadas, Volume Two), but I've updated the History of the Talbadas.

   With this Part 2 update, the Interim is in full swing.  The Migrations are reshaping the Videan culture, but the Cistinian rise in Ghomal, and the early Church conquest of Sapia sees the south-western Sapic Caelts taking the unified banner of Haernism.

   Future updates will be made as I get around to them, especially with my focus on Hero of Talbadas.  I'll post progress as I go.  Until then, please enjoy this episode of Talbadas' vibrant history, and hope to see you soon at my VBT stops - you can find all the details here at

   T. M. Shannon

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